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So, you just got engaged...

Now what? These frequently asked questions will help to decide whether or not Rahella will be the right fit for your big day. 

1. Why should I hire a wedding planner?


Planning any event, let alone a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful! For many couples, it is their first time planning a wedding. When planning a wedding, you need to consider the following: 

  • Timelines

  • Vendors

  • Logistics

  • Coordination

  • Execution


Our mission is to alleviate your stress and make your experience as seamless as possible. We save you time, money, and a lot of headaches so that you can walk into the rest of your life with ease. 


2. What wedding planning services do you offer?


We offer partial and full wedding planning, month-of coordination, and other add-on services that make your big day that much more special. Learn more about our services here.

3. What types of events do you plan?


We plan engagements, engagement parties, weddings (multi-cultural and LGBTQPIA+ included), rehearsals, private parties, and social events.

4. Do you charge for the initial consultation?


No, our initial consultation is complimentary. It is an opportunity to get a deeper look into our services and see if Rahella is a good fit for you and your event.

5. How do you charge for your services?


Our services are flat-rate. They are detailed before the contract is drawn and signed. If you require anything additionally after the contract is signed, the contract will be amended and new charges will be levied.

6. What size events have you coordinated in the past?

We have coordinated micro-events of thirty guests to eight hundred guests. 


7. How much communication will we have?

Rahella has unlimited communication with our clients! We respond to all correspondence within 48 hours. 


8. How many events or weddings will the planner coordinate per day?


Our planners coordinate one event per day.


9. Will you be present during my wedding day?


Your assigned Planner/Coordinator will be present for your event.

10. How do you dress for contracted events?


The attire is professional unless there has been a special dress code requested by the client. 


11. Will you eat or drink during the reception?


Rahella's team will eat with vendors if there is a chance. There will be no alcohol consumption at any event. 


12. Do you have a client reference available I can contact?


Yes. Client references are available upon request.

13. My venue comes with a coordinator, why do I need Rahella?

A Venue Coordinator's main responsibility is to ensure that the space is managed properly. If any venue-related issues arise, they handle it. Your Wedding Coordinator's main and only responsibility is you and your wedding. 

14. Rahella Events sounds like the perfect planning company for me, how do I get started?


Book a free consultation with us!

15. Do you have a business license?


Yes, Rahella Weddings and Events is licensed to operate in the State of Illinois.


16. What kind of payments do you accept?

Rahella accepts checks, money orders, credit cards, Zelle, Venmo, and Square. We do not accept cash as a form of payment. 

Email us to request a free resource on the top eight things you should do as soon as you get engaged. 

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