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Your Experiences.

Our services are bespoke and tailored to suit your - vision, aesthetics, tastes, comfort, and story.

rahella chicago weddings and events offers full and partial planning, month of coordination, rehearsal dinners


Full Planning | Partial Planning | Month-Of Coordination | Rehearsal Dinner

Here at Rahella, we are dizzy about the details, yet we never forget the big picture - your personal love story. Our process is transparent from consultation, post-wedding. All we ask is that you think of it, then plan to be inspired.

Full planning is recommended for the couple with very little time on their hands. Partial planning is for the couple that is more hands-on. Month-Of coordination works for either couple. While the rehearsal dinner will be the first feast of the rest of your life, so bon appétit!


rahella chicago weddings and events plans proposals and engagement parties


Proposal Planning | Engagement Party

We understand that deciding whom you want to spend the rest of your life with can be a lot to think about. Then, coming up with a Pinterest-worthy proposal with all the feels? Even tougher. Our engagement planning service is for the hopeless romantic who simply wants things done right. 

If you recently got engaged, download this checklist for new fiancé(e)s!



Pre-Wedding | Post-Wedding

rahella chicago weddings and event plans private social events
rahella chicago weddings and event plans private social events
rahella chicago weddings and event plans private social events

This may not be your 'big day', but that doesn't mean it shouldn't feel like it! Our private events are just that - private, personal, and precisely what you need to create lasting impressions and memories with the people who matter the most.

Engagements, pre, and post-wedding events are quoted upon request. If you would like dancing shoes or refreshment baskets for your special day, let us know!

Rehearsal Dinners
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