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Committed to your story.


Rahella is a Chicago-based wedding and event planning company.


We proudly enhance stories and encapsulate memories for clients in the Greater Chicago Area, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee.

Elegance is our ethos. Inspiration is ingrained in our ideas. And luxury is our one true love. 

Whether you are planning an engagement or starting the journey towards your big day, we commit to making it beautiful. 

Our Founder

Whether it's a swig of your favorite spirit in a signature cocktail or a pop of your favorite color tastefully splattered about your event, Rahel stays true to her mission of curating experiences that are elegant, inspirational, and luxurious. 

Rahel is particular about the details, yet she always keeps your big picture in mind. That's why she keeps her fingers to the pulse of the design industry, taking in all of the latest trends and best practices, and musing about how she can make them yours. 

When you work with Rahel, you choose an experience that will be professional, precise, and very personal.

What do you think of when you hear the name "Rahella" (pronounced: RA-HEL-LAH)? For our Eritrean-born, Saudi Arabian-raised Founder, Rahel Abraham, this is personal. 


She loves blank canvases. An empty event space, a fresh mind (Rahel loves meditation), and your great vision are fodder to curate an experience that reflects your personal story.


When planning any event, Rahel focuses on the senses. She delights in finding unique ways that she can play with your senses using stimuli that are personal to you.  

rahel abraham is the founder of rahella chicago weddings and events
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